What they say about me.


Ole Østring, Creative Director at Megabite

"A firm grasp of visual style made her a reliable resource that could complete projects from sketch to print. Eduarda is skilled in the common graphic design tools, and handles the challenge to learn new ones as well, when tasked with designing for different digital platforms.
The typical design jobs at Vecora ranged from both visual identity and printed products such as catalogues and businesscards, to webdesign, digital presentations and stands for exhibitions.

Eduardas main strengths while working at Vecora was layout and visual identity, with a sharp eye for tying a design concept together. As a structured and punctual person she was a reliable resource for the design team. As an extrovert and social person she contributed to the office environment in a very positive way."


Celeste Pedro, Researcher on Typography.

"When I come to think of it, Eduarda is much more than meets the eye. And if you get entangled by her portfolio, then you can be sure to fall in love with her too.

Although we worked little time together, she is still the one I look for when I want to discuss life and design. She is fully aware of what design is and should be, and she strives to always get it right. She is as bright as her hands are light when she draws. She has never given up upon whatever crosses her path."


Luis Vaz, Communication Designer, Creator and Art Director at Co-Founder, Partner and Art Director at VAZIØ studio.

"At some point of my life, everyday for one year, I had this new colleague-worker that arrives at 9h00 sharp every single day.With joy, she was telling to everybody “Bom dia” with a singing tone on her voice.
Hard to believe, but even on Monday morning in a cold winter, somehow the warm sun felling found a way to enter in the studio.

I think she is from a rare breed of people who love, cherish and really give a damn about their jobs.These days, it gets harder and harder to find a pure hearted and well intended colleague-worker, professional, neighbor, family member or friend.

All my respect to her for still believing in..."


Paula Sousa Marketing Manager - Quinta Nova de Nossa Senhora do Carmo

"Eduarda Magalhães works as a freelancer for the company since 2005 in the creation of several Communication supports such as flyers, brochures, wine labels, logos and signage with extreme dedication and availability, as well with a great creativity that extremely satisfies us.

We recognise her professional merit, suggesting her as a great asset in any company."




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